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How to Last Longer In Bed

September 28, 2022
By, laura

How to Last Longer In Bed

It’s not uncommon for men to want to last longer in the bedroom. While finishing fast is a sign that you’re super satisfied and enjoying yourself, it can be frustrating for your partner if you are always done just before you get into the swing of things.

To avoid disappointment and ensure both partners get their needs met, there are a few things you can try to help you last longer in the bedroom.

The most important thing to remember is to always be kind. While you might wish your partner could last longer, it’s not something you can attack them for.

Unless they are going out of their way to let you know your needs aren’t important, you can guarantee that they are feeling bad about it. And just because one partner has already finished, that doesn’t have to mean the end of your fun together.

Read on to learn some top tips for lasting longer in the bedroom.

Take it slow

There are some positions that are likely to finish you off faster than others. Doggy style is known for intense stimulation, so it would be best avoided if you want to last longer. Try a position where you can go as deep and have to slow down the movement. You should aim for slow, shallow strokes rather than high-intensity and deep penetration.

You can also try directing attention away from your most sensitive areas. Ask your partner to run their hands over other parts of your body to help stimulate other areas.

And finally, you can also take a break from penetration and stimulate your partner with toys. This is a great way to build up anticipation without physically bringing you closer to climax.

Try delays

Taking away a little bit of the sensation in your penis is a simple way to help you to last longer. Delays are a kind of body-safe topical anaesthetic that provides a slight numbing effect to help remove some of the sensations.

This can work for some people, but it can leave others feeling disconnected and unstimulated by the act. If this sounds like you, then delays aren’t the right choice for you. Pairing delays with condoms is a common complaint as it takes away too much of the sensation. In this case, try using the thinnest possible condom.

Try a cock ring

Cock rings can help you to stay hard for longer, but they can also help to remove some of the sensations. This stretchy ring sits at the base of your cock, and sometimes also around your balls. This helps by restricting blood flow to the penis. This reduces sensation, while also helping to keep you hard once you’re hard.

You can also choose a cock ring with a vibrator attached, so you can provide some additional pleasure to your partner to help them achieve orgasm at the same time.

Practice on your own

A masturbation trainer like a Fleshlight can help to increase your stamina by changing your body’s response to stimulation. This simply means that you’ll be masturbating on your own using a handheld device.

You can use the “edging” method to increase your stamina. This means that you masturbate until you are ready to climax and then stop. Wait 30 seconds, and then start the process again. This will help you to take control of the sensations and help you to identify precisely when you’re about to climax. This can be really helpful if you often find that it creeps up on you.

You can also try masturbating around two hours before sex to help decrease your sensitivity. However, this isn’t always practical. Instead, try focusing on decreasing sensitivity by increasing the frequency of pleasure.

Closing thoughts

Lasting longer in the bedroom is often something that takes a supportive partner and a few different methods. What works one night might not work another night, so try not to get too fixated on the need to last longer. It’s far more important to focus on the equal focus of pleasure for both parties, so even if you don’t last long, this doesn’t mean the end of the road for your partner’s pleasure.

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