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An Introduction to Nipple Toys

August 7, 2020
By, laura

Nipple play is often undiscovered territory. But did you know that each nipple has around 800 nerve endings? And the tissue itself is erectile tissue, which means it gets hard when aroused. Some people can achieve orgasm from nipple play alone, so why wouldn’t you want to explore these mini pleasure centres?

Most people will admit that nipples are far down their list of focus areas during sex. They might get a glancing mention, but they aren’t the main attraction. We’re here to say that nipples could have their own prime time special. Let’s explore some of the best nipple toys to get you excited about another important erogenous region.

An introduction to nipple toys

Nipple toys come in various shapes and forms. While some vibrate for pleasure, others are intended to elicit pain. Suction is also a key part of nipple toys. Anything that forces or limits blood flow to the area is going to feel pretty incredible. Here are some of the best nipple toys you should explore.

Nipple clamps

Available in a range of styles, nipple clamps are incredibly easy to use. They will typically look like small pegs with small rubber covers over the clamp part. They are usually adjustable so you can decide how tight you want them to be. Nipple clamps may have a chain between them, allowing your partner to easily give them a little tug. Decorative features can be added like leather tassels or feathers. Pair this with your favourite cupless lingerie for the ultimate visual treat. This is the perfect addition to tie and teasing play.

Vibrating nipple clamps

Like a regular nipple clamp, but with a small vibrating bullet attached, these can elevate a simple nipple clamp to something far more pleasurable. While a clamp with a chain might be more about pain, a vibrating nipple clamp is all about pleasure. You’ll increase blood flow to the area so that every touch will be heightened. Vibrating nipple clamps are incredibly discreet and easy to use, so this is a great way to bring a new element of kink into the bedroom. Nipple play doesn’t have to be about pain, and there are plenty of ways to make it all about pleasure.

Finger vibes

A finger vibe used on the nipples is a great way to explore nipple play without using clamps. If you’re already incredibly sensitive, a finger vibe or clitoral suction toy could introduce a new element of pleasure into your sex life. A spot of lube will enhance the experience with all nipple toys, so don’t be afraid to get a little wet. A good water-based lubricant will also help to enhance pleasure when your partner touches your nipples. Choose a flavoured lubricant if you want to encourage tongue action.

Weighted nipple clamps

Like a regular nipple clamp, a weighted clamp will have small weights attached for the ultimate pleasure and pain experience. Weighted clamps pull down on your nipples and will provide different sensations as you move around. If you’re looking to explore nipple torture and the limits of pleasure and pain, this is the way to go. A good weighted nipple clamp set will allow you to start small and build up at your own pace. As with all sex toys, it’s important to listen to your body and know your limits. Using a safe word with your partner can allow you to explore pain play in a safe environment

Nipple sticks

Nipple sticks are some of the meanest toys available. Two metal sticks are held together by rubber bands. The nipple is placed between the two sticks and then the band can be slid up and down the length of the stick. The closer the bands are, the tighter the squeeze. These nipple toys are as much about aesthetics as anything else. They look incredibly kinky and are perfect for exploring control play.

Nipple suckers

Suction can help to increase blood flow to the area and increase sensitivity. When applied to the nipples, suction feels incredible during use and leaves the nipples feeling more sensitive long after. Nipple suckers can be as simple as a small silicone nub. Simply squeeze and apply to the nipple for a light suction. You can also find suckers with a hand pump or screw operation to allow you to increase the suction.

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