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An athletic new position to try: The Sexy Squat

September 13, 2022
By, laura

In this guide, we’ll share how to achieve this move, what you can do to enhance it, what moves pair well with it, and how you can increase the difficulty and the pleasure. Read on to learn more about the Sexy Squat.

Have you been working out lately? You’re going to wish you have when you try this sexy new position. It’s the perfect combination of deep stimulation and athletic endurance that will keep gym couples feeling pretty pleased with themselves.

To achieve this sexy squat, you’ll be testing your physical stamina and your flexibility, but you’ll be rewarded with deep penetration and new vantage points for both partners to enjoy. There are also some simple ways you can amp up the pleasure, including adding toys into the mix.

In this guide, we’ll share how to achieve this move, what you can do to enhance it, what moves pair well with it, and how you can increase the difficulty and the pleasure. Read on to learn more about the Sexy Squat.

How do you do it?

This move starts with one partner on their back with the knees pulled into their chest. They should keep their legs fairly far apart. Their partner then intertwines with them, sitting on top of their thighs and using their partner’s knees to steady themselves. The partner on top can either squat or rest their legs on the bed. Trying this move on the floor could be a good idea, particularly if your mattress isn’t very firm.

The partner on top gets to control the speed and depth of penetration, while the partner on the bottom enjoys an incredible vantage point. This move allows you to achieve incredible depth, targeting the G-spot and P-spot, depending on your angle. Your hands are encouraged to roam during this move, as you’ll both be available and accessible. The partner on top can also reach behind to discover new erogenous zones.

How can you modify it?

You can make this position easier or harder, depending on how much support the partner on top needs. If they don’t rely on their partner’s legs for support and keep their feet on the bed, this will become a full deep squat that requires flexibility and strength. This will also cause the core muscles to work harder. It might be a good idea to try this one on the floor, as it will provide added stability to the partner on top.

This move transitions well into cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, if you start to get a little tired but don’t want to lose the dynamic of the position. But if you need to switch things up and stretch out those legs after being in a squat position for so long, both partners can enjoy a break by sliding into a Little Spoon Leg Wrap position.

Why does it feel great?

This move is incredibly athletic, so your heart rate will automatically be raised, sending more blood to key places that need it. It’s also quite an impressive feat, so you get the added sense of achievement that comes from achieving a difficult move.

The depth of penetration can be controlled by the person on top, which can be great as it allows them to determine the angle of the pelvis, hitting the G-spot as required. Add in some clitoral stimulation, and you’ll soon be singing.

For the person on the bottom, this move is great for leaving them feeling exposed and open to exploration. Having their legs in the air leaves anal play on the table. And both parties have their hands free for roaming; either on their own body, or their partner’s. The inner thighs are also incredibly sensitive, and these will be exposed and under a great deal of tension.

Another great aspect of this move is core control. Your core muscles can help you to achieve better orgasms, so maintaining a position that contracts your core muscles can help you to achieve a deeper orgasm. However, some people struggle to achieve orgasm while in more difficult positions, so don’t be afraid to make this move one of many.

How can you increase pleasure?

As with all moves, there are simple ways you can ramp up the pleasure. Introducing toys into the bedroom is a simple way to increase stimulation. This move works particularly well alongside anal play. One of both parties could wear a butt plug to make the most of the abundance of nerve endings. A vibrating butt plug will also ramp up the pleasure during penetration.

Other ways to spice up this position include clitoral stimulation toys. Since you’ll be hitting the G spot, you can look forward to a blended orgasm by introducing a clitoral stimulation toy. Suction toys will work great in this situation.

And finally, nipple stimulation is also worth considering. Most sex positions can be upgraded with the addition of nipple clamps. An app-controlled vibrating nipple clamp could be just the thing needed to turn this athletic feat into a deeply pleasurable experience.

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