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Sexy Yoga: The Perfect Position for the Larger Man

April 3, 2023
By, laura

Society has a bit of an obsession with size. Porn has a lot to answer for, making a lot of men feel inferior in comparison. But this inferiority might be misplaced if you actually speak to those who enjoy penetration.

Bigger is better, until you actually have to contend with a larger than average penis size. Since most women can only accommodate around 2-3 inches, anything bigger than this needs a little bit of creativity to make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun.

Working with a larger penis means you need to find new positions where the person being penetrated is in control, as this will prevent over-enthusiastic thrusting, which can be painful for the receiver. You also need to find positions where deep penetration isn’t an option. And we think we’ve found the perfect position for this…

Introducing Sexy Yoga

This position is great fun to master, and can lead to some pretty intense sensations once you get the hang of the control aspect. The penetrating partner lies on their back with their legs just a little spread. Their partner then lowers herself onto the erect penis, starting with their legs on either side of the body. And then for the yoga twist. The partner on top then lifts their legs, one by one, and crosses them on top.

You won’t get a deep thrusting sensation, but the partner on top can make use of all of their vaginal walls by rotating their hips and grinding on their partner’s penis. She can lean back, forwards or sideways, depending on what feels good. The partner on top is in complete control, which means there is no chance of pain if he goes too deep.

Spinning around and trying this reverse cowgirl style will apply pressure to the G spot, which can lead to an intense blended orgasm. Adapt this for same-sex couples by trying anal sex, or by introducing a strap on dildo.

Why this position works so well

Those well-endowed men know the power they yield. While bigger is often thought to be better, it can also be difficult to manage, particularly if their partner finds it painful. Limiting the depth and the thrust can make this more pleasurable for their partner.

This position is also fun. There’s an element of balance involved, and the partner on their back will have a great view as their partner grinds around looking for the right spot.

Since the penetrated partner is cross legged, this also makes it an ideal position to introduce a clitoral vibe. This will allow them to seek out their version of pleasure while their partner lays back and enjoys the show.

It’s also an excellent position for building intimacy. You are facing one another and actively seeking out what feels good. It’s a positive about giving as much as it is about receiving. Trying new positions with a partner is also very adventurous and can help bring you together as a couple.

Feeling adventurous? Why not try the sexy squat next!

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